Puklus Peter, How to dismantle a pallet

Artist: Puklus Peter
Title: How to dismantle a pallet
Designer: Puklus Peter
Editor: Puklus Peter
Publisher: Self-published
Printer: Arpad Szigeti at Hurrican Press
Publication date and place: 2018, Budapest
Format: Softcover
Number of pages: 24
Size: 20 x 27 cm
Project assistant: Co Knol
Edition: 100
Genre: Zine
Book description (eng): 
Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up – said a bearded young man some thousand years ago.
The pallet is a pretty basic construction which is deeply embedded in our life even though we are not totally aware of it. For me it represents the basement or the foundation of being, like a skeleton – which is a visual reference too. I believe in tradition in culture and society but only if I have the opportunity to question them. To take apart everything I was taught is key in order to be able to construct my own identity and personality. But I’m only able to build them from the same materiel what I already have (cook from what you get!) except with a little change and in a different order. The book ‘How to dismantle a pallet’ symbolises this act in 24 images arranged in an un-ordinary way.
Destroy your life then put it back together. You have a great material to work with.

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