Ildi Hermann, Missing StoriesStories of the Hungarian Jews from New York
 Hiányzó történetek. New York-i magyar zsidók történetei
Artist: Ildi Hermann
Title: Missing StoriesStories of the Hungarian Jews from New York
Hiányzó történetek. New York-i magyar zsidók történetei
Text: Ildi Hermann
Designer: Anna Fabricius
Editor: Andrea Illés
Publisher: Scolar Kiadó, Budapest
Printer: Gyomai Kner Nyomda Zrt.
Publication date and place: 2019, Budapest
Format, binding: Hard cover
Number of pages and images: 104
Type of printing and paper: offset
Genre: Photobook

Book description (eng): 
Shocking, poignant, makes you wonder many adjectives can be used to describe the stories documented by Ildi Hermann fine art photographer, however, the most proper characteristic of all would be that they are TRUE. They are true both in historical and personal sense. This unique, remembering photo album contains memories, the past and present of fourteen Holocaust survivors emigrating from Hungary to New York. Their past is revived nakedly and purely through their tears or wry humour to their disappointment and life affirmation, and private history and world history intertwine through their words: for example by telling us how a neighbour, a soldier, an old servant, a friend or a concierge behaved in certain situations. Fourteen fates: fourteen missing stories about everyday people, fourteen stories about survival.


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