Marta Kiela-Czarnik, Siewki
Artist: Marta Kiela-Czarnik
Title: Siewki
Designer: Natalia Mikołajczuk
Editor: Natalia Mikołajczuk, Marta Kiela-Czarnik
Publisher: Bagera SKA Sp.z o.o.
Printer: Argraf Sp.z o.o.
Publication date and place: June 2021
Format, binding: format A5, hardcover
Number of pages and images: 35 images, 64 pages
Edition: 300
Genre: Photobook
Book description (eng): 
„The book "Siewki" is a story about a family told from the point of view of a woman-mother-photographer. It is not a report or strictly a document, but rather an attempt to express and record the subjective perception of one's own family.
The starting point for this photographic story was my friend's confession of her parental frustration. I was overwhelmed by her experiences and decided to photograph her. As we worked together on parental frustration, I realized that I too was a frustrated mom. That was when I took a session of some black and white photos trying to capture my emotions about parenting. Photographing myself with the children was very therapeutic. I felt that great black ball of frustration burst from me, and peace reigned in the emptiness it left behind. I felt free. As the veil of frustration fell, I began to perceive my situation differently. I wanted to photograph my family. There was a fascination with this topic. And the photos that started to appear then and that you will find in the book "Siewki" revealed what family means to me: a cobweb woven from relationships.”

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