Kata Geibl, Sisyphus
Artist: Kata Geibl
Title: Sisyphus
Designer: Ole A. H. Truderung
Publisher: Global Blur Books
Printer: Firefly Media Budapest
Publication date and place: 2018, Budapest
Size: 16 × 24 CM
Format, binding: soft cover
Number of pages and images: 32
Genre: Photobook

Book description (eng): 
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus tricked Death by trapping Thanatos in chains. Once Thanatos was bound by chains, no one died on Earth, this is why Sisyphus was punished to roll an enormous rock up a hill, only to watch it come back to hit him, repeating this action for eternity.
How we used to think about the world is changing radically every day. Religion is replaced by science, we are flooded by images every day, we want instant access to knowledge. Photography as a medium has the ability to capture everything that’s in front of the camera, the machinery sees even what the human eye is not capable of. We can see universes, stars exploding, microscopic worlds, atom bomb detonation with the safety of the far distance. Through these images, we think we can get closer to understand how the world is functioning without ever experiencing or seeing it through our own eyes.
In series Sisyphus, I constructed an imaginary laboratory where it’s up to the reader to decide where the line lies between fiction and reality without any scientific explanation.

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