Gábor Arion KUDÁSZ, Human
Artist: Gábor Arion KUDÁSZ
Title: Human
English translation: 
Publisher: self-published
Publication date and place: 2018, Budapest
Format, binding: Hard cover
Number of pages and images: 78 pages
Edition:  Signed and number stamped, edition of 500. English edition.
Genre: Photobook

Book description (eng): 
Human, means human scale. In his most recent work which was awarded the Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize in 2015, Gábor Arion Kudász turns towards an everyday, banal object to examine the human scale. In cooperation with Wienerberger, the brick industry giant corporation he photographed in hungarian, romanian and bulgarian brick factories and along the road in between the plants during the course of two summers. The brick is chosen as the symbol of human scale and the symbiosis between man and technology. Photographs depicting measures and proportions analyze the gravity of responsibility and human ambition.


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