Title: 1001 złych uczynków /1001 bad deeds
Author: Konstancja Nowina Konopka
Projekt: Kasia Kubicka
Edytor/ka: Joanna Kinowska
Wydawca: Konstancja Nowina Konopka
Druk: Chromapress & Poligrafia Bracia Szymańscy
Data i miejsce: wrzesień 2018, Warszawa
Format i oprawa: Oprawa miękka tłoczona, Poligrafia Bracia Szymańscy
Edycja: 500
Rozmiar: 16x21 cm
Ilość stron, ilość obrazów: 76 stron
Rodzaj druku, rodzaj papieru: offset, fotograficzny matowy
Gatunek: Art-book
A photography book „1001 złych uczynków” (“1001 bad deeds”) of Konstancja Nowina-Konopka is a return to childhood, the old times spent in the backyard. The childhood, such as it is, always means a return to return to paradise. A story of five boys: Szychty, Kalusia, Bajlasa, Matiego and Gały takes us on a trip down the memory lane. The need to explore the world gets the characters of the narrative into serious troubles and conflict with the adult world.
The book presents the picture of childhood, which is a bit scary, yet still carefree, thoroughbred childhood in the old style. Boys’ life is not marked by fear of a paedophile lurking in the bushes or broken glass, which can hurt them. When looking at the book we have the impression that the boys come up with ways for entertainment and fun, which are only limited by their imagination. Their play brings back pictures from the childhood of “present adults”, yet it does not resemble the childhood of “present children”. The author documented carefree days of the boys for over one year. Sweet and bitter narrative foretells not only an inevitable end of the childhood and certain kind of freedom, but also the end of “the backyard times”. „1001 złych uczynków” (“1001 bad deeds”) of Konstancja Nowina-Konopka is a literal and metaphorical “farewell of the backyard times’.
A handy book, nice and fluffy in its form and touch, resembles a school notebook with no place for the margin. The cover is soft, whereas the selected words are heavy, school-like, and engraved. The story of five boys, who steer clear of school. The book is wrapped with school memories of the author, engraved in memory, as a prayer, a patriotic poem or a national anthem. The whole book is fastened in the middle with black thick thread confronts the values learned by rote with life in the backyard.

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