The Epic Love Story of a Warrior
2011 – 2016

Artist:Puklus Peter
Title: The Epic Love Story of a Warrior
Publication date: September 2016
Publisher: SPBH Editions
Edition: 500
Format: Hardcover
Size: 15 x 20 cm
Number of pages: 468
Type of printing: Offset
Book description (eng):
The photo series entitled The Epic Love Story of a Warrior – A Trilogy and Epilogue follows the events and conflicts of the 20th century through the eyes of a Central and Eastern European family. Working on the series, I view the Central and Eastern European events of the 20th century as a domain of inspiration, while being aware that my family has been affected in terms of their stories experienced and told as well as their present. In making and presenting the photographs of the series, I am playing an associative game based on our collectively experienced history and the images we have imprinted in our minds about this period. With the goal of representing the complexity of the events and the (often random) correlations between them, the series blends arbitrarily selected moments and their transcriptions without boundaries of genre or style. The purpose of the series is to tell a story; a fictitious story that is based on actual events, but transformed by an associative process.


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