Gáspár Riskó, Passport
Artist: Gáspár Riskó
Title: Passport
Publisher:  Innen
Publication date and place: 2019, Zürich
Format, binding: Soft cover
Size:16.5 x 23.6 cm
Number of pages and images: 120 pages
Edition: 300
Type of printing and paper: Color Offset Printed
Genre: Photobook
Supported by Lina Sophie Stallmann

Book description (eng): 
The Hungarian artist, Gaspar Risko, uses photography as his main medium to explore human circumstances.Passport - a series of 1205 self-portraits in which the artist explores the inner journey of the human mind that is manifested in an emotional passport.
Riskó's pixelated images emerge from an randomised process of data overload.

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