Dóra Maurer, 13 Traces

Artist: Dóra Maurer
Title: 13 Traces
Publisher: Innen
Publication date and place: 2019 , Zurich
Size: 16.5 x 23.6 cm
Format, binding: Paperback, Staple bound
Number of pages and images: 28
Type of printing and paper: offset printed
Genre: Zine
Book description (eng): 
13 Traces documents the curves and folds of a bed sheet like minimalist works of linear abstraction. Like the crevasses and peaks of a bed of sand sculpted by the wind, Traces is the evidence of something passed, or someone—an abstracted echo of intimacy shared.
Dóra Maurer is a highly-acclaimed multidisciplinary and conceptual artist most well known for avant garde geometric and abstract works of the ‘70s. Of her photographs, it is said that “many of her works break down simple actions so the viewer can really view the piece as movement, not a photograph of movement.”​​​​​​​


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