Klenyánszki Csilla, Pillars of Home
Artist: Klenyánszki Csilla
Title: Pillars of Home 
Designer: Virag Bogyó
Publisher: Self-published
Printer: Pauker Printing House
Publication date and place: 2019, Amsterdam/Budapest
Format, binding: Hard cover

Number of pages and images: 148 pages
Size: 145 mm x 210 mm x 18mm
Edition: 500
Genre: Photobook

Book description (eng): 
Pillars of Home
(2016 - 2017)
The challenges of early motherhood are transformed into a game: the lack of time, the fragility of a new life, the weight of responsibility, our changing identities, tension. These are the elements. Care, strength, patience, devotion. These are the things holding it together.
Pillars of home are ninety-eight balancing sculptures, made during my son’s nap, when our home - the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or even the staircase - became a studio for no more than thirty minutes at a time.
The pillars rely on their own inner stability while being framed only by the floor and the ceiling. As the objects are being piled up, they become a coherent entity, but their delicate arrangement and balancing structure makes them vulnerable. They can be destroyed at any moment.
Not only the existence of the image is in danger if the installation collapses, but the noise of the fallen objects might awaken the sleeping baby, which puts an end to the working session.
Pillars of home gives ninety-eight answers to one dilemma: how does a mother find balance between all her priorities. A never-ending juggling act.
The project was made during Artist Residency in Motherhood and made possible with help of the Mondriaan Fund.
. Shortlisted First PhotoBook Award, 2019 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards, Paris, NL 2019
. Shortlisted, Unseen Dummy Award 2018, Unseen, Amsterdam, NL 2018


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