Eszter BIRÓ, Receptkönyv
Artist: Eszter Biró
Title: RecipeBook
Designer: Eszter Biró
Editor: Eszter Biró
Publisher: Self Published
Printer: Keskeny Nyomda
Publication date and place: 2015 Budapest
Format, binding: Sadlle Stching (staples)
Edition: 300
Size: A5
Number of pages and images: 76
Type of printing and paper: Heidelberg Kraft Paper
Genre: Photobook

Book description (eng): 
In order to endure the horrors of the concentration camps, it was essential to recall memories and keep one’s religious-cultural traditions; therefore many tried to practice their religion – even if it meant risking their lives, – and collected prayers and stories. Some of the women tried to escape the starvation by returning to their memories of the times they spent in the kitchen and recalling recipes. Vera erased the poems from the notebook brought from home and replaced them with recipes. The soups, meat-dishes, marinades, fillings, garnishes, cakes, and biscuits became unreachable dreams, just like the ingredients: freshwater or a bag of flour. In many cases the recipes in the collection have imprecise measurements or missing ingredients, making them almost impossible to prepare, and often there are poem-fragments next to them from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and János Vajda. Eszter Biro handled the recipe book as a kind of symbolic archive.

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